Taylor Wimpey Development


Latest links and stats for all planning formation at it stands.

The site plans are also shown. To view the originals, follow the link of interest and search for  “Site Plan”.

In total it looks like there will be 651 new plots/homes in Roslin.

Site Plots % of total Link to Application
Cala 79 12.14 CalaDocs
EdUni 214 32.87 UniDocs
BDR 54 8.29 BDRDocs
TW 304 46.7 TWSitePlan
Link to Midlothian Planning Committee
Link to Midlothian Council voting stats


Image rotated. Main road at top.



Plans are out for the new Taylor Wimpey homes in Roslin (Midlothian Planning No. 18/00499/MSC).

If you have any concerns you have until 17th August 2018 to submit these to the planning department here. You will need to login to do this.

Midlothian planning link (all data)

Other developments

Cala Home development by the Doctors Surgery

East of Cala Homes Development (Latest)

West of Bowling Club Development

Useful Links

Coal Authority Interactive Map

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 18.53.22

One thought on “Taylor Wimpey Development

  1. I don’t understand how developers keep
    Getting planning permission for multiple housing that have at least one if not two cars. Th by pass doesn’t cope nw let alone more cars. The GP surgery you have to wait two weeks for an appointment now never mind with more
    people registered with the practise. We have a post office. A small coop and a corner store in the village. The school has been extended just last year it cannot cope with large influx of pupils. Where do the counci get there ideas feomoc how this will work? I cannot understand the rational when they refuse single builds from private dwelling applications. None of it makes sense!? Is there some other incentive for council members?!?


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