At Home?

Have you got to spend some time at home? Maybe you had an accident, or there is some crazy virus loose. Anyways this page should give you some local pointers.

RoslinVillage Webpage

We could use more contributors/admins. This is a volunteer run site that aims to be a static directory of things to do, services and businesses locally.

Help adding/removing to this list and trying to add to the events table is always appreciated and you can learn to use WordPress.

If you run a local group, you can have your own page on this site for nothing. Just reach out. See the as an example.


  • Add local outdoors page, walks and links to relevant maps
  • More about the history of Roslin, see also Roslin Heritage Society

RVG Community Hall takeover

A group attempting to take the Community Hall into community ownership. Lots to do here, we really could use more help

Reading resources

Midlothian E Resources Free ebooks & newspapers from Midlothian Library Service


There is always room for home improvements, or maybe build your own log cabin like this one OneManOneYearFourWalls.

Sewing/Knitting resources Free sewing patterns


Ok, this is a massive topic, but applicable to so many situations in life. Use these skills in your spreadsheets, make games, or just try and keep up with your kids for a bit.

There are plenty coding resources online and coders in the Village, if you want someone to talk to.

Sonic PI This is a fun way to get coding by making music. Download for Windows10, Mac, Raspberry PI. It really is awesome and you can make some crazy noises.
Python (anaconda) Anaconda, Python & R plus all the bits you need to go with them.
C++ in 70mins Ok this one is a bit mental, but if your familiar with other languages, a good intro.
Jupyter Notebooks
Jupyter Notebooks, use Python. Great way to learn python.


If you want to turn your TV into a computer and use a Raspberry Pi4, you can get this kit for about £115. You can also get all the accessories yourself.

Kids Learning (Harvested from RCVR FB)

Online resources:

  • BrainPop
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Tynker
  • Outschool
  • Udemy
  • iReady
  • Beast Academy (Math)
  • Khan Academy
  • Creative Bug
  • Discovery Education