There has been  positive response to the idea of building a PumpTrack in Roslin, from those active on the Village FaceBook groups, the Community Council and Midlothian Council. Several sites have been proposed and now we need to speak to the village to assess further the level of interest on these options.

We are a long way from getting this built, nothing is set in stone and ideally we would like to have as many folk on board as possible.

Come and see us at the Roslin Fun Day to find out more, give your view and possibly help us make this a reality. We will have big signs up. You won’t miss us.

You can also register your support using the contact form as well as if you want to help out on the team.

Other tracks

Below are some ideas of some larger PumpTracks, how they are helping communities and how you can start working on your skills.

New York

Edinburgh Pump Track

Wishaw Pump Track

Pump Track Skills