Cala Homes Planning Application submitted

4 thoughts on “Cala Homes Planning Application submitted

  1. The disregard for green belt space is now all to obvious all over midlothian, the proposed sites in the village of roslin again just highlight this fact.
    The adverse affect on wildlife is one issue,also the infrastructure for schools and transport is not adequate for the amount of homes to be built, such a shame that once again money will talk and the charm of a lovely historic village will be lost


  2. I have lived in Roslin for more than 60 years and remember when the village had 17 shops, 2 pubs, 4 clubs, a police station and a chippie! Now look at the place! Dead. I’m not saying that the village should (nor could) revert to those days but new housing would certainly be a badly needed shot in the arm for the local community and economy. More power to their elbow.


  3. Developers have absolutely no regard for the landscape nor infrastructure. A total ban on development on green belt and nature rich areas must be made. I hope the locals have strongly objected to more CALA (and all housing developers) landscape demolishing.


  4. I must state at the outset, I have no objection to the development of new housing in Roslin, although I should like to have seen more affordable dwellings in the mix.
    I wonder if anyone can enlighten me as to whether the required infrastructure improvements were ever undertaken re. the results of TWO public enquiries following planning applications for construction of multiple dwellings in Roslin. (Incidentally, I Believe they were for smaller scale development than is currently planned.)
    The conclusion, on both occasions, was that there was insufficient capacity in the sewage system to cope with such added volume. The result of any additional volume would be a back-up in the existing system. This would result in raw sewage overflowing from manholes, or back up toilets in homes.


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