Roslin Shed and RVG have approached Midlothian Council about getting permission to have a Community Garden, in the Park, by the Pavilion.

Reaction was very positive we just need to work out the detail. Note this would be in addition to the Currently proposed Midlothian Plan for Allotments and Growing Spaces. We’ve are talking to the people who wrote this proposal.

The Community Council are also behind the proposal.

We need to make the Garden look good. We already have a lot of fencing to do this and luckily there are some large build projects close by where we can get more.

Ultimately though we need people to get involved and support from Rosliners as this would be talking over another section of the park.

Please let us know your level of support below. The more replies we get the easier the process of getting started will be, as demonstrating overwhelming support always helps.

Site advantages:

  • Central, easy to access for old & young.
  • Close to the Hall for any future Community takeover.